Gold Crown

Club Info

Inspired by the storied traditions of golf and its legends, The Axial Club is a private, members-only club consisting of a distinct national membership that embodies the wide-reaching appeal of the game.

The Axial Club provides unique golf experiences to its Members at exclusive venues that exemplify the game’s illustrious history and limitless reach. Since our inception, we have played over 30% of The Golf Digest Top 100 Courses, and 30% of Golf Digest’s Second Top 100.  That’s in addition to 8 U.S. Open Courses, 5 courses that have hosted The PGA Championship, along with scores of other gems around the country.

Gold Crown

Club History

Founder and President of The Axial Club, Larry Anton grew up in Fort Worth, Texas and was a student of the legendary Ben Hogan with the two having developed a close relationship at Colonial Country Club since Anton’s youth.  Often walking inside the ropes with Hogan, Anton was immersed in his timeless teachings and went on to win the Club Championship at Colonial at the age of 19. Having learned valuable lessons from Hogan in golf and in life, Anton went on to develop rich leadership experience in the private golf industry, bringing with him his storied golf pedigree and lifelong love of the game wherever he went.

With time served as the President of North America for The Eden Club–an International Golf Club based at “The Home of Golf” in St. Andrews, Scotland, Anton has been deeply immersed in the time-honored traditions of the game and now utilizes his rich knowledge of the golf world to lead The Axial Club in delivering bespoke, world-class experiences for its esteemed membership.